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RM Trading Solutions provides professional MT4 programming. We can help you save your valuable time by creating an automated system out of your trading strategy. That way you could just lay back and enjoy the profits while the computer does all the trading and decision making for you. With our programs you can trade FOREX, stocks, commodities and much more on your MetaTrader 4 platform.

Why choose us

Years of coding and trading has led us to recognise the features that benefit your trading strategy. With our experience we are able to detect the patterns that do you more harm than good. Our professional team guarantees you more reliability than most freelancers. Besides all that you are guaranteed to a personal approach on the program building, excellent communication and user-friendly programs.

Robert Maidla
Robert Maidla
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Long-term business relationship is something we aim to achieve with every one of our clients. Understanding and forthcoming approach is one of our main values.


Thorough and prompt communication leads to much efficient results. We will always try our best not to make our clients feel like they are being kept in the dark.


We like to keep things simple and easy to follow. Our clients can be sure they will not have to waste their time on complex project completion stages.


Developing user-friendly solutions is one of our key goals. All of our programs will have custom news feeds and are easy to use.


After the project has been wrapped up we will not disappear anywhere. Should there be any issues or questions, we are here to help.


Our object-oriented source codes are well documented. That makes them easy to study and modify for 3rd parties if necessary.

our skills

what have we coded
Margin filter,Across currency order management,Custom indicator signal reading,Visual HUD,Chart buttons,semi-automatic programs,broker check
Martingale,grid,renko programs,time based orders,CSV output,hedge orders,quickly optimizing programs
custom indicators,custom trailing stop,dynamic lot calculator,time filter,day filter,equity filter,Fibonacci levels


Reviews & feedbacks
Maxwell Mayhew, UK

Robert is everything you could possibly want in a developer. His skills are unparalleled and his knowledge and intuition allows your project to grow beyond your expectations. I have worked with my partner on many different projects with Robert for nearly a year and he has seamlessly been able to transfer our ideas to reality; which ultimately is the dream for a trader with a specific idea or strategy. Robert is quick to answer and always ready to help if we have any problems, and exceptionally useful when explaining how different strategies will and wont function when applied to code. Robert is very patient, extremely capable and his professionalism is exceptional, meeting deadlines consistently with a product that far surpasses our expectations. I would wholly recommend Robert to anyone seeking assistance and will continue to look forward to working together.

Maxwell Mayhew, UK

Head of Trading at The SMI Group


Tutorials & instructions

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January 10, 2016

In this tutorial we are looking at how to use MT4 Strategy Tester for both a regular backtest and an optimization. How to use MT4 Strategy Tester To open the Strategy Tester, from the top menu open ‘View’->’Strategy Tester’. From the top left corner of the Strategy Tester window select whether you are testing an Indicator or…

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How to install MT4 programs

December 30, 2015

In this tutorial we are going over how to install MT4 programs. We are also looking at various ways of opening up the MT4 terminal’s data folder and learning where to find the installed files in the MT4 terminal. How to open up MT4 data folder on PC and Mac The first step to installing…

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