Below are listed the terms of using our service:

  1. Every project will be programmed based on a mutually agreed on PDF document containing all the strategy rules the client has requested the program (or programs) to have. This PDF document will be created by us after the client has agreed with the initial quote and project time estimate by us (which we will not require the client to pay for).
  2. After we have reached a mutual agreement with the client on the content of the PDF document (including the project details, the program’s work principle and all the other requirements for us) we will send the client the invoice for the project. We will start with the development after the invoice has been fully paid.
  3. If during or after the development the client feels the need to add something to the program which was not stated out in the aforementioned PDF document, he/she will receive an extra invoice for all the extra work. This invoice will be sent after the initial program is completed and the client has gathered all the extra features he/she would like the program to have.
  4. We will fix all the bugs/malfunctions (meaning that the program does not obey the rules stated in the aforementioned project PDF document) in the code for free even after the project has been finished.
  5. We will not create any projects for less than $50 (except for the extra additions/changes to an already made project as stated out in the 3rd point).
  6. We will not do any modification/debugging projects regarding programs developed by other programmers. We will either create a new project from scratch or edit a program developed by ourselves.
  7. We will not be responsible for the profitability of the programs we develop for our customers. We charge for our time spent on the development of the program, not for the potential money making opportunities we create for our clients. If after the development it turns out that the client’s strategy was not profitable and yet the program works as it is stated in the project PDF document, we will not refund the money paid for the development.
  8. Our clients will receive the source codes of the programs and they will have all the rights to the programs. We will not sell any of the programs we develop for our customers. However we are allowed to reuse the functions used in the programs we develop for our customers in other programs as this makes our work easier.
  9. We will not be responsible for any losses acquired in the financial markets caused by our programs (whether they were caused by bugs/malfunctions or not). We will do our best to develop bug-free pieces of software but mistakes are inevitable every now and then. That is why we strongly encourage our clients to first run thorough tests on demo markets and historic data with the program before moving on to the live markets.