During the years of using MetaTrader 4 software for both trading and development our team has gathered lots of knowledge. In this section we share this knowledge to make your life as a trader easier.

How to use MT4 Strategy Tester

January 10, 2016

In this tutorial we are looking at how to use MT4 Strategy Tester for both a regular backtest and an optimization. How to use MT4 Strategy Tester To open the Strategy Tester, from the top menu open ‘View’->’Strategy Tester’. From the top left corner of the Strategy Tester window select whether you are testing an Indicator or…

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How to install MT4 programs

December 30, 2015

In this tutorial we are going over how to install MT4 programs. We are also looking at various ways of opening up the MT4 terminal’s data folder and learning where to find the installed files in the MT4 terminal. How to open up MT4 data folder on PC and Mac The first step to installing…

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